Treat your Body Right. REPEAT.

When i began writing this post for you, i decided to add the word ‘REPEAT’… the reason being, that you always have to treat your body right! Repeatedly, over n over again…you cannot stop!

Some simple and natural tips to do so are:

Exercising. A basic 20 minutes brisk walk every morning ad evening will get your circulation active and once that happens, even your skin will glow & give you a fresh look.

Read a Book: Get away from the glare from the screen. Read a light hearted book or magazine. Reenergize your brain with warmth & love.

Eat Right: Carry a home-packed meal to the office & nourish your body with timely sips of water.

Call an old friend: Chitter-chatter without stress. Fun Old memories are the best stress buster & can help recharge you for the next half of the day or sometimes even the next part of the week!

Write: I love writing in a journal rather than typing on a keyboard. It may seem old-fashioned, but holding onto the joy of looking back on your hand written journals …will always bring a smile onto your face. Also, when you write your activate your brain cells differently, rather than when you type on a qwerty keypad which you’ve already by-hearted anyway!

And lastly Dance: A step or two on your own or with a partner, will always give you some joyous moments.

So remember…practice this ‘repeatedly’. Week after week… live active. live well. #bethefitindiagirl .


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