We believe technology can do anything, when applied with a deep understanding of the needs of the consumer. Therefore, we’ve stayed true to our belief and used the highest & most intricate form of technology to bring you a product that will SCULPT, LIFT and CONTOUR your body. We want to make sure you enjoy wearing our garments & feel secure & confident in them wherever you go, whatever you do.

We call this ‘Body Sculpting Technology’! After immense research and development, our knits; Nylon, Cotton, Polyester & Supplex, which are all hi-density, come with specific compression tech panels and strips embedded within the design. This will give you not just a good fit but also the perfect kind of tuck, lift and support just like the best shapewear. Look out for our micro ribbing detail or compression strips which are sometimes almost invisible, but when worn it works hard to give you the support you might be looking for during your workouts & your daily chores.

At MICHELLE SALINS, we are passionate about our fabric as much as we are about our Design & Fit. Our fabrics have been lab tested for moisture wicking properties and shrinkage. It resists water-based stains and remains dry even in the highest of intensity workouts!

Our hi-quality, hi density Nylon is used with Spandex/Elastane and has a generous 4 and 8 way stretch. The Nylon is durable with its high grammage in thickness, to ensure no opacity with its stretch; our No-c-through* feature. Both our Nylon and Polyester knits offer a tighter, more comfortable fit, and come with sweat resistant properties (moisture wicking) ensuring it will not stretch out, slip or move when you start to sweat. Nylon, being light in weight also has its cooling properties to keep you comfortable throughout and reduces any growth of bacteria from sweating. Our Polyester fabric is high in GSM (gram per square meter), thus giving you the right thickness, a better fit and enhances our custom prints.

Our signature feature of the gusset is a triangle or diamond shape at the crotch area that will prevent the ‘wedgies’, ‘camel-toe’ and or any riding up. It will allow you to increase the range of motion of your legs with complete confidence. This reinforced gusseted crotch means extra fabric to ensure your multi-direction movements & keep you safe & confident. We understand the problem and we’ve got you completely covered!

So, go ahead mimigirl, and sport your favorite tank or cropped tee and be confident about your fit & how you look!

This unique and innovative knitting technology allows you to play your favourite sport or perform your life chores with unparalleled comfort. We use specialized circular looms to develop these garments that adapt perfectly to the body, gently becoming like a second skin. This means there are no side seams or hem lines separately sewed into our garments.

We have engineered zones with wellness applications which give you comfort and durability. Our fabric breathability and elasticity is distributed according to product design in different parts of the garment, allowing you to concentrate on your performance. Look out for the ventilation & ribbed detail in our products for the ultimate experience in our seamless collection.

All our Sports Bras and Tights come with hi-tech flat lock sewing which is reinforced and durable. The seams are flat so that you don’t have friction or irritation and it is chaffe-resistant.

Our hi-quality, hi-grade Nylons are buttery soft and dries quickly. They are light weight and extremely breathable making it your go-to fabric for everyday use and not just to the gym.

Our Polyester knit is also light weight and wrinkle free as well as UV ray repellent, thus making it soft on your skin with a barely-there feel.