Being Fit. Why Exercise?

Exercise is not just about staying in shape, losing weight or building muscle. Exercise benefits our minds just as much as our body. Studies consistently show that exercise, no matter how little, can benefit us both physically and mentally.

When we exercise, our body produces chemicals and endorphins that help boost our mood and make us feel energized. It is a natural way therefore to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives. When our bodies feel good, so do our minds. As a result, when we exercise we have a feeling of accomplishment which in turn helps with self confidence. When we take care of ourselves we automatically feel good about ourselves.

Exercise also helps boost our memories and keep our minds focused and sharp. To help with memory we must also rest our minds and brains. This is accomplished during our sleep which is why a good night’s sleep is vital for our bodies and minds. Once again exercise is key to a good night’s sleep.

The good part is that we don’t have to do anything strenuous to obtain the benefits of exercise. Any activity we do is advantageous to us. So keep moving and enjoy life.

Don’t just survive…Thrive!!!

Post By: Patricia Bilkey, Milwaukee.USA

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