Our passion for innovation, design and technology comes from our chief designer Michelle Salins.

With a design experience of over two decades in Fabrics, Home interior and Fashion, Michelle started out young, and since then, has consistently grown the brand by creating a unique identity for its quality product & lifestyle approach. A decade ago, she started a fashion label, defined by contemporary, yet luxury feminine designs with ethical values. She focuses on the dimension of time, understated design and impeccable craftsmanship. Often inspired by her international travels and ethnic cultures, she uses classic elements with subtle romanticism to bring out the sensuality in her designs.

She has been awarded the ‘new talent for Haute Couture’ at Alta Roma Alta Moda in 2015 and has continually been creating and crafting for women across the globe who believe in themselves.

Her entrepreneurial skills prompted her to research & develop with active & athleisure wear; creating innovative designs that blur the boundaries of art, technology and fashion.

FEMININE, SENSUOUS and CONFIDENT, brand ‘mimi’ was launched at Fashion Week in Bangalore in March 2020. ‘MIMI’ embodies a product that can be worn to your fitness training or your Life-Leisure* activities. Inspired by YOU, to work all year around, and shift from Spring into Summer and Autumn into Winter; the crisp colors textures and technology used are versatile, bringing you a sense of comfort and individuality.

Our label represents self-belief…. The epitome of a woman who dresses to please herself and yet, she is traditional at heart!